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Environmental Policy

The Oak Frame Carpentry Co Ltd believes that it has a responsibility to its employees, clients, suppliers and the wider community, to ensure that all of its commercial activities are based upon the principles of sustainability and conservation of resources. We recognise that all commercial activity has an impact upon the environment and the people within it, and we aim to make that impact, as far as possible, a positive one in all areas of our activity, through an environmentally sound framework.

To achieve this we will


The majority of our frames are built in oak. The revival in the popularity of this style of building has encouraged the replanting of oak woodland. Forestry Commission statistics show that there is a small annual increase in the numbers of hectares of oak plantations in Great Britain.

We source much of our highest grade oak in France. here, the oak forestry is managed sustainably as it has been for many hundreds of years. The young trees are encouraged to grow straight and tall competing with each other for light. This results in very high-grade, defect-free timber, and also a fantasticly bio-diverse habitat. These plantations are thinned, cropped and replanted in very long term rotation, productively sustaining enormous areas of forest.

We also use douglas fir, ash, larch, yew, chestnut, and other species, native or naturalised in Britain and each with its distinctive properties of strength, durability and colour.

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